GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography


High-Performance GNSS RTK Receiver: a compact and lightweight geodetic GNSS device with 1408 channels, supporting full constellations and all frequencies. Provides faster initialization than ever before. Offers huge potential in a compact design.


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GEORA: Your New Favorite GNSS RTK Receiver

Everything you need is packed in this compact GNSS receiver.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography

A versatile GNSS RTK receiver, fully compatible and ready to work with both iOS and Android devices.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography
Powerful GNSS Possibilities

The GEORA supports full constellations and multi-frequency, comprehensive GNSS signal tracking by 1408 channels.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography
Tilt Compensation

Quickly measure accurate points while standing or walking without leveling the pole. Survey in environments that are hard to reach.

GEORA GNSS RTK - Compact and Handheld GNSS RTK receiver
Compact GNSS RTK

Handy & Lightweight

The GEORA GNSS RTK receiver features a shock-resistant and compact design, making it ideal for working in the most challenging conditions. The device provides dust and moisture protection that complies with the IP67 standard, ensuring reliability and durability in its operation. The GEORA GNSS is distinguished by its light weight of just 220 grams, making it exceptionally convenient to use. Made from robust materials, it can withstand a fall from up to 1.6 meters, confirming its high reliability and longevity. Additionally, the GEORA GNSS receiver can be used as a wearable device, thanks to the inclusion of a special clip for attachment in the set. This makes it a versatile instrument for fieldwork, providing mobility and ease of use in any work environment.

Main advantages:

Shock-resistant design

Protection meets IP67 standard

Weighs 220 grams

Textile carrying case included in the set

When High Performance is Needed

Enhanced Performance with IMU

The GEORA GNSS receiver is equipped with a new generation IMU sensor, which features rapid initialization and increased resistance to electromagnetic interference. The new IMU sensor does not require calibration, making its use even more convenient and efficient. Thanks to the built-in IMU, the GEORA GNSS receiver allows for high-precision measurements without the need to level the receiver. The sensor operates at a frequency of up to 200 Hz, ensuring exceptional accuracy and response speed.

The GEORA GNSS features improved tilt compensation technology. With the IMU activated, the horizontal measurement accuracy is 1.5 cm at a tilt of up to 60 degrees, and at a tilt of up to 90 degrees, the horizontal accuracy reaches 2 cm. This allows users to perform precise measurements even in challenging conditions when the device is tilted or moving.

Using the GEORA GNSS receiver with integrated IMU provides a new experience in using GNSS RTK technologies, combining high accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography, Geodesy
GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography, Geodesy
Catch all the available satellites

The GEORA GNSS is a high-performance RTK receiver that supports all possible satellite constellations on all available GNSS frequencies. It provides full support for all major satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, QZSS, and SBAS, making it an ideal tool for various geodetic and GIS applications.

Faster Initialization

With 1408 channels for signal reception, this receiver ensures the fastest possible initialization with visible satellites, significantly speeding up its readiness for operation and ensuring reliable performance in any conditions. The GEORA GNSS is equipped with an enhanced multi-frequency helix antenna, which provides faster and more reliable satellite signal reception. The antenna has a high degree of amplification, ensuring quicker satellite acquisition and enhancing the receiver's efficiency in complex satellite signal reception conditions.

Despite its compact design, the GEORA receiver offers geodetic accuracy, making it an ideal solution for professionals seeking reliable and precise geodetic equipment for a wide range of tasks.

Everything you need

Geodetic Software Included

The GEORA GNSS receiver is fully compatible, supporting most navigation programs, as well as iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. This allows the use of a wide range of mobile devices instead of costly industrial controllers.

The process of connecting the receiver to your mobile device is simple and convenient via Bluetooth. Once connected, NMEA data is automatically transmitted to the selected navigation program, ensuring seamless and accurate operation.

A key advantage of the GEORA GNSS receiver is that it comes with geodetic software with a permanent license for activation on one device. Using the GEORA GNSS receiver in combination with SurPad 4.2 software opens up new possibilities for geodetic and GIS professionals looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and versatile solution.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography, Geodesy

Achieve more with MAPIOS

Visualization of measurements

A convenient way to share information about measured objects with clients or colleagues. Display of measured points on an online map.

Improved Productivity

MAPIOS is a multi-user online system where an unlimited number of people can work simultaneously.

Customizable Dashboard

An excellent addition for preparing reports and storing completed projects.

GEORA handheld GNSS RTK receiver for Surveying, Topography, Geodesy


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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly can I receive the GEORA GNSS?

We do everything possible to ensure you can receive the product in the shortest possible time. We ship the goods within 1-2 days after receiving payment. Delivery times depend on the buyer's country and the chosen delivery method. Please contact us to calculate specific delivery terms suitable for you.

2. What's inside the package?

The standard package includes the GEORA GNSS receiver in a soft carrying bag, a special clip for attaching the receiver, hand strap, a threaded adapter for a surveying pole, a charger and USB Type-C cable, as well as an operating manual. Optionally, the set can be supplied with a waterproof, shock-resistant carrying case.

3. Do I need a separate data plan for my device?

Since the device is not intended to have a SIM card installed, the source of the Internet is the mobile device used as a field controller (phone, tablet). This allows for savings on data usage and does not require additional investments.

4. Can I purchase GEORA GNSS for my company?

Yes, of course. We will need information about your company to prepare the contract and Invoice: the full name of the company, full address, contact phone number, and the full name of the director or another person with whom the supply contract is concluded. After payment, the goods will be sent within 2 days.

5. Do I need special software for the GEORA GNSS?

The GEORA GNSS receiver comes with a surveying program for Android. However, it is also compatible with most other navigation programs on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can easily connect it via Bluetooth for data transmission.

6. Can I learn more about your company?

The GEORA GNSS receiver is a new product from Geometer International LLC. Since 2010, the company has been engaged in the development of navigation equipment and software. To learn more about the company, please visit the official website:

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